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    Product test

    by Martin Jungfer

  • Wireless charging with Magsafe: how it works for Android phones


    by Lorenz Keller

Mobile phone covers

Mobile phone covers are indispensable accessories for any smartphone owner. Designed to protect your valuable device from accidental drops, scratches, and everyday wear and tear, phone covers cater to a plethora of style preferences and practical needs. Customers flock to phone covers not just for protection but also to express their personal style, with options ranging from sleek, professional designs to playful, colorful patterns. Beyond aesthetics, some covers come with built-in features such as card holders or stands, bringing additional functionality to your handheld device. For those who prioritize convenience, MagSafe-compatible covers offer hassle-free attachment and compatibility with an ecosystem of other magnetic accessories.

When selecting the perfect mobile phone cover, paying attention to a few key properties can drastically enhance your satisfaction with the product. The 'Compatible brand' is paramount; for instance, an Apple-designated case ensures a snug fit for iPhone users. The 'Range of features' includes options like MagSafe, providing easy attachment and wireless charging capabilities. 'Material group' plays a role in both aesthetics and durability, with options like leather offering a premium feel alongside sturdy protection. Lastly, the 'Fastener' type, such as a magnet, provides secure closure for flip cases and quick access to your device. Utilize these filters to sift through the collection and pinpoint the cover that meets your exact needs and taste.

In our selection, you'll find top-notch products from brands that users trust. Samsung's Smart View Wallet Cover not only safeguards your device but also showcases practical design with a window to glance at notifications. Apple loyalists might gravitate towards the Silicone Case with MagSafe, which combines a soft-touch finish with magnetic functionality. For those seeking ultimate clarity and MagSafe compatibility, the Screenguard Magnetic Apple iPhone 12 Clear Case is a standout. Torras offers robust protection with their Guardian MagSafe iPhone 15 Pro Max cover, suited for the latest model aficionados. And for an elegant yet protective choice, OtterBox's Symmetry Clear with MagSafe marries sleek design with resilience. Discover these and more to crown your mobile companion with a cover that best suits your lifestyle.