For relaxation: Lotuscrafts launches new meditation spray
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For relaxation: Lotuscrafts launches new meditation spray

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Lavender, frankincense and ylang-ylang: the fragrance is intended to create a soothing atmosphere that helps with meditation and yoga.

"Meditate for 20 minutes every day. Except when you don't have time. Then meditate for an hour" - this is a Buddhist proverb. The new launch from Lotuscrafts could help you stick to this daily routine. This is the "Organic Meditation Spray", which is designed to accompany you during your meditation or yoga session. You can watch a video about it on the brand's Instagram channel @lotuscrafts.

One bottle contains 50 millilitres.
One bottle contains 50 millilitres.
Source: Screenshot @lotuscrafts/Instagram

A ritual for daily meditation

According to Lotuscrafts, there is more to this new product than just spraying a room fragrance: "It is a ritual that helps you harmonise your body, mind and soul and deepen every moment of your meditation practice." The positive effects of rituals have long been proven in studies. They can have a repentance and performance-enhancing effect and help to increase discipline. Performing a certain ritual immediately before your mediation or yoga routine also mentally prepares you for the relaxation to come: The mind is signalled that your own time-out is about to begin. And perhaps, as described by Lotuscrafts, spraying a certain fragrance is enough.

Aroma from essential oils

The spray was developed in collaboration with the Saint Charles cosmetics brand. The "Organic Meditation Spray" contains no additives and only organic plant essences, as the manufacturers promise. Its aroma is made up of lavender, frankincense and ylang-ylang - which sounds like a tangy-sweet mixture. You'll have to find out for yourself whether you like it.

Our purchasing department is currently clarifying whether and when we will be adding the room spray to our range. I'll keep you up to date.

News from 17 May: The product should be available in the shop in around 4 weeks.

Header image: Lotuscrafts

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